Analytical Regression and Parts Therapy is an approach that uses hypnosis to examine the psychological forces that underlie human behaviour, feelings, and emotions and how they might relate to early experience. It focuses on the dynamic relations between the conscious and the subconscious mind and it especially examines the capacity of the mind to directly affect physiological response and biological change. During therapy, you become increasingly aware of conflicts and tensions that are manifesting as a symptom or challenges in your life. Together with the psychotherapist, you are assisted to bring conflicting aspects of yourself into awareness and begin to integrate the conflicting parts and resolve aspects of the tension. This promotes healing, encourages self-exploration, awareness, growth, empowerment, and authentic living.

Developments in neuroscientific research show that experience can be used as a very powerful tool to change the brain. What you pay attention to, what you think and how you feel are all forms of experience. For instance, if you regularly focus your mind on worries, self-criticism, and anger, then your brain will gradually take the shape of anxiety, low sense of worth and irritable reactivity to others. On the other hand, if you regularly focus your mind on, for example, noticing that you are all right in this moment, seeing the good in yourself, and letting go, then your brain will gradually take the shape of calm strength, self-confidence, and inner content.

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M(Phil) International Triple Accreditation: AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA

About Janine

Kensho is a psychology practice intended to provide therapy and/or coaching utilizing multi-faceted modalities that are evidence-based and client-centred. The founder, Janine Troskie, is a Mental Health Professional specialising in Integral Psychology, Neuroscientific Research, Mindfulness and Hypnosis. Along with a bachelor’s degree in industrial psychology, an Honours in counselling psychology and a Master of philosophy specialising in Integral Coaching and Therapy, she is also associated with various internationally recognised professional bodies including the Association for Professional Hypnosis & Psychotherapy and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association.

More on Hypnotherapy

During hypnosis, we address your root causes of distress to promote longer-lasting change. The techniques encourage you to explore your recurring patterns of behaviour and beliefs from a relaxed state of curiosity and compassion. It promotes greater awareness of your inner resources to resolve old conflicts in new ways which encourages a more fulfilling experience of life. Hypnotherapy is based on many understandings about how the mind works and then, in turn, how best to work with the mind to live your life with a greater sense of freedom and flexibility.

Not everyone who benefits from psychotherapy is diagnosed with a mental illness. Engaging in a therapeutic relationship can help with several life stressors and conflicts that can affect anyone. For example, some of the areas I work with include:

✤ Stress management: exam; work
✤ Self-esteem/confidence
✤ Life transitions: divorce; retrenchment
✤ Loss, death and bereavement
✤ Trauma
✤ Physical, sexual or emotional abuse
✤ Sexual difficulties
✤ Somatic complaints

✤ Confusion or inner conflict
✤ Self-exploration and growth
✤ Compulsive behaviour: smoking; hair pulling; nail-biting; addictions
✤ Interview nerves and public speaking
✤ Spirituality/belief systems including past life regression
✤ Motivation
✤ Sports / academic performance

✤ Procrastination/self-sabotage
✤ Life purpose/path
✤ School and study-related issues
✤ Pain management: chronic / birthing & dental procedures
✤ Sleeping problems
✤ Fears or phobias
✤ Emotional distress: anxiety; depression; loneliness; shyness; guilt


Shared experiences

We pride ourselves in keeping clients identities anonymous, therefore no names have been shared.


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If you are a registered integral therapist, hypnotherapist, or management coach who is interested in joining the Kensho team, please apply by filling out our online application form.

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Pro Bono Services

Due to limited availability of space for pro-bono services, you have the opportunity to receive free treatment if you volunteer to participate in longitudinal research designs. As a voluntary participant, you may need to undergo a pre-mental health assessment and complete follow-up surveys during or after the treatment. If you are interested, please fill out the form and I will contact you if there are any available slots.