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In addition to coaching and counselling, Janine’s passion for consciousness development drives her contribution to the current knowledge base through focused research projects. Previous research pursuits have resulted in the development of grounded theories that focus on how mindfulness and integral coaching techniques result in positive growth in consciousness, impacting perceived quality of life. My work with clients is based upon the integration of a number of schools of psychology and other wisdom traditions.

It is through evidence-based practices that these grounded theories come to life thereby bringing meaning and purpose to those I serve. Space for pro-bona services is limited, should you be interested in volunteering to participate in longitudinal research designs you may receive your treatment free of charge. As a voluntary participant, you may be required to complete a pre-mental health assessment as well as follow-up surveys during or after treatment.


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We pride ourselves in keeping clients identities anonymous, therefore no names have been shared.


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Pro Bono Services

Due to limited availability of space for pro-bono services, you have the opportunity to receive free treatment if you volunteer to participate in longitudinal research designs. As a voluntary participant, you may need to undergo a pre-mental health assessment and complete follow-up surveys during or after the treatment. If you are interested, please fill out the form and I will contact you if there are any available slots.

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If you are a registered integral therapist, hypnotherapist, or management coach who is interested in joining the Kensho team, please apply by filling out our online application form.

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